December 15, 2014

We are Becoming Part of the UMB Family

On December 15, 2014, our parent company, Marquette Financial Companies, signed a definitive agreement with UMB Financial Corporation, a $16.3 billion diversified financial holding company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, to acquire all of Marquette Financial Companies.

This purchase includes Meridian Bank, N.A., and its subsidiary companies Marquette Business Credit and Marquette Transportation Finance, including Marquette Commercial Finance; Meridian Bank Texas; and Marquette Asset Management. Regulatory review and approval is required and hence we expect the closing to take place by mid-2015.

UMB and Marquette Financial Companies have much in common. From our customer focused operations, values-driven cultures and similar commitments to community involvement—we are a great fit!

We are excited for what the future holds but for now it will be business as usual for us and for you. Once the transaction is approved, we will provide further communication.

Please scroll down for further information about the agreement and acquisition. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Read more from UMB Chairman and CEO Mariner Kemper on the acquisition ›

Frequently Asked Questions

What has occurred?

On December 15, 2014, UMB out of Kansas City, Missouri, announced an agreement to acquire Marquette Financial Companies.

Marquette Financial Companies consists of:

  • Marquette Asset Management, which provides private asset management and trust services to individuals, families and institutions, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota;
  • Meridian Bank, N.A. with 8 locations in Arizona;
  • Meridian Bank Texas with locations in Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas;
  • Marquette Business Credit based in Dallas, Texas, which provides asset-based loans for working capital, recapitalization, growth, and mergers and acquisitions;
  • Marquette Transportation Finance, which provides accounts receivable financing and factoring for trucking companies, and Marquette Commercial Finance, a division of Marquette Transportation Finance, both based in Bloomington, Minnesota;

Who is UMB?

UMB Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: UMBF) is a diversified financial holding company headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., offering complete banking services, payment solutions, asset servicing and institutional investment management to customers. UMB operates 112 banking (and wealth management centers) throughout Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arizona and Texas.

  • UMB celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. Currently the company has about 3,400 associates. The foundation of their business practices and culture remains the satisfaction of their clients, and they continue to make business decisions based on relationships—by doing what is right, not what is easy or popular. They navigate by their core principles of honesty and integrity to set the course for measured, steady and stable growth that their clients and communities can rely on.
  • Subsidiaries include companies that offer services to mutual funds and alternative-investment entities and registered investment advisors that offer equity and fixed income strategies to institutions and individual investors.

Will I work directly with UMB now?

  • No. Until the transaction officially closes, both companies will operate independently of each other. This means it is business as usual for all companies involved in this acquisition.
  • Once the transaction is approved, our companies will communicate personally with you as we move through the transition.

Will my account information change?

  • Nothing changes in how you do business with either company until the transaction is finalized in mid-2015.
  • You will receive personalized communications as we work through the integration process, including system conversions.
  • Every attempt will be made to minimize any impact on you.
  • We are dedicated to making the transition seamless for you.

How will I benefit from this UMB acquisition?

After the transaction closes, all companies will have access to new services as well as many new locations throughout the US.

When will the acquisition be finalized?

The transaction is pending regulatory approval, which is expected sometime in mid-2015.

Who is the Media Relations contact for the Pohlad Family / Marquette Financial Companies?

Mary Lilja is the media contact and all inquiries should be directed to her at 952-893-7815 or