The Firm

Our Legacy

We take pride in our place among a portfolio of companies founded on integrity, a commitment to service, and community spirit.

A legacy built on relationship-based service

In 2005, the Carl R. Pohlad family gave us the opportunity to form Marquette Asset Management under the umbrella of Marquette Financial Companies. Since then, we have become a premier wealth management provider by focusing on achieving individual client objectives, producing quality risk-adjusted investment performance, and providing superior personal service.

As the world of banking and financial services evolves, opportunities for smart, strategic partnerships arise. In late 2014, the Pohlad family chose to sell Marquette Financial Companies, including Marquette Asset Management, to UMB Financial Corporation, a larger and resource-rich diversified financial services holding company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.

UMB Financial Corporation began its legacy in 1913 as a community financial business known as City Center Bank. It now operates across the U.S., and includes several subsidiaries. Both Marquette Financial Companies and UMB were founded by enterprising families. We continue to do business with the ethics, strength and determination embodied by family-owned organizations.

Helping clients meet their financial goals

Marquette Asset Management was founded in 2005 to help clients meet their financial goals. Everything we do is designed to ensure we build and maintain your unique portfolio customized to meet your needs, goals and priorities.