Asset-Class Investing

Smart decisions based on risk and reward

Asset allocation and diversification are the most important factors in managing risk and building successful investment portfolios.

We are committed to asset-class investing. In practical terms, this means we allocate your assets among a mix of asset classes to achieve an appropriate balance of risk and reward.

Three critical factors

In determining the optimal asset allocation for your portfolio, three factors are critical:

  • Your needs and goals
  • Your time horizon
  • Your risk tolerance

With these in mind, we build globally diversified portfolios, allocating your assets to pursue optimal returns while attempting to cushion the effects of volatility.

An investment resource we use extensively, Dimensional Fund Advisors, is a leader in applying compelling academic research to practical investing. Download DFA’s presentation, “Pursuing a Better Investment Experience” to learn more. (PDF)



Our Philosophy

Asset-class investing takes a long-term view and systematic approach to capturing expected returns.

Our approach integrates research, portfolio structure, and implementation. We put the markets to work for you by focusing systematically on sources of expected returns from a diversified array of asset classes.

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